Transportation Commission

City Of Edina, Minnesota
Community Room

Thursday, November 19, 2015
6:00 PM

I.Call To Order
II.Roll Call
III.Approval Of Meeting Agenda
IV.Approval Of Meeting Minutes
A.Approval of Minutes - Regular Meeting of October 22, 2015
V.Special Recognitions And Presentations
A.Grandview District Transportation Study
VI.Community Comment

During "Community Comment," the Board/Commission will invite residents to share relevant issues or concerns. Individuals must limit their comments to three minutes. The Chair may limit the number of speakers on the same issue in the interest of time and topic. Generally speaking, items that are elsewhere on tonight's agenda may not be addressed during Community Comment. Individuals should not expect the Chair or Board/Commission Members to respond to their comments tonight. Instead, the Board/Commission might refer the matter to staff for consideration at a future meeting.

A.Recommended 2016-2017 Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety Fund Projects
B.Traffic Safety Report of November 4, 2015
VIII.Correspondence And Petitions
IX.Chair And Member Comments
A.Traffic Safety Process Review Committee
X.Staff Comments
A.Staff Comments for November 2015
XI.Calendar Of Events
A.Schedule of Meetings Dates/Events

The City of Edina wants all residents to be comfortable being part of the public process. If you need assistance in the way of hearing amplification, an interpreter, large-print documents or something else, please call 952-927-8861 72 hours in advance of the meeting.